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The World's Best Arts & Crafts Supplies

Crafty Cottage & Manual Arts Center is the UAE's leading destination for all types of arts and crafts supplies. We source our products from some of the best companies in the world, in order to help you make your art, craft and design work dreams come true.





The Largest Collection Of Products

Our product range includes Glues, Varnish, Wax, Glitters, Crackled Effects, Brushes, Mediums, Stencils, Acrylic Paints, Media Ink, Oil Paints, Water Colors, Pan Pastels, Acrylic Fluids, Primer, Gesso, Contour Liners, Pigments, Spatula, Wooden Boxes, Canvass Roll/Pre Cutting, Sponge, Foil, Decoupage Paper, Dora 3d Pen, Decorative Plaster, 3d Paste, 3d Effect Gel, Transfer Papers, Resin and Sospeso Products.

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